Interior Design

Specializing in space planning, paint selection, wallpaper, murals, faux finishes, flooring, lighting, tile, kitchen and bath fixtures, cabinets, window treatments, & decor selection.

Bringing a feeling of ambiance and continuity to your home or business with excellent attention to detail.

With a passion for Interior Design, your home will be enhanced through the fusion of your idea, and my creative ability and trained expertise.

We will work with you, to create a beautiful space, for you to enjoy, for years to come.

Property Staging and Styling

A qualified Interior Designer/Property Stager/Property Styler prepares your home for sale, by maximizing the potential of each room so that the overall value of your home is increased.

By presenting to the buyer, a clean and well appointed home that highlights the properties full potential, you will achieve a greater return.

We will mix the old and beautiful with the new and stylish, giving your home an updated feel.

New placement of furniture and objects can help create a new and invigorating atmosphere.

Having a home or business space that is empty for rent or sale sometimes makes it harder to rent or sell. Potential customers or buyers can't envision living in the empty space.

We will utilize our design techniques and work with you to develop clear ideas and solutions for your home or business, whilst allowing you to be in control every step of the way.

Office Design

An Office Design must be functional. We can also have fun with your space, or make it traditional.

I can design the interior of your new building using different textiles, fabrics, furniture, and colors.

Remember, design begins with you and your ideas.

The space can be exciting, dramatic, contemporary, modern, chic, the possibilities are endless...

Remember, the key, is to have fun!